10 Things You will Always Find in My Grocery Cart

Grocery shopping used to be one of those things that I just couldn’t stand. I would put it off and put it off and then usually just end up getting take out.

I will fully admit – it still isn’t my favorite thing in the entire world, but over the last few months since we have gone all clean with our eating – the grocery store isn’t so bad.

So – one of the main things that the plan my husband and I follow  is that is really centers and focuses around fresh, clean and whole ingredients. That means we HAVE to go to the store once a week to stock up on certain items and then usually a few days before our big stock up – I will grab a few items we may get low on. What works best for us – Costco. Living in Hawaii and having to stock up on certain items – it makes sense for our family. PLUS – I think their produce is actually some of the best on island. Believe me, I have shopped ALL over this entire island and we are always so happy with how fresh and wonderful the options are at our local Costco.  I try to go organic as much as I can – but honestly – between scarcity of some items and price and a few other factors – you get what you get and you make it work. Costco carries a good mix for us and we are happiest stocking up there.

*Warning – forgive my iPhone snaps – but in a house where people are ALWAYS hungry I don’t always have time to grab my camera…MUST.EAT.NOW.


We go through 2 dozen eggs a week just for the breakfast egg cups that I make and prep ahead. We also have an extra dozen for different baking and cooking and THEN my husband finds hard boiled eggs – peeled and packaged. He swears by them, loves them and is really upset when he can’t find them some weeks. Safe to say – we eat a LOT of eggs.


We have to limit our intake – because if we really tried – my husband and I could power through some fruit. EASY. We love taking advantage of seasonal varieties. Right now – it has been apples. The berries are still a mainstay for our morning routine – but apples and peanut butter have been a favorite by all three Gipson’s lately. But I can’t live without my blackberries and raspberries.


Frozen proteins keep weeknight meals easy and quick. I hate to admit it – but I have had terrible luck with the quality of the meat here in Hawaii – so I have become incredibly picky about where we get our meats from. Fresh cuts typically come from Whole Foods when we want a treat or something special. I always have frozen chicken, Mahi Mahi and tilapia in the freezer at all times.


All three of us love it. My boys enjoy sandwiches and during the week when I am busy, I can easily grab a few slices with some cheese and it is a great lunch. We have found a great organic brand at Costco that we always stock up on. (2 lbs lasts a week around here.)


I am new to loving kombucha – but I have quickly learned how much I love it and how good it is for tummy health. If I am just grabbing one as a snack or a case at Costco- it is always in my cart and fridge.


I used to be a potato chip person. In the worst way. When I first started this plan – I struggled because I missed my crunchy crunch salty treat. Enter carrots and hummus. I can’t tell you how much hummus we actually consume a week. Current favorite – jalapeño. We can also eat a 5 lbs bag of carrots in a week — I consider it an accomplishment when we do.


We love almonds. My husband takes them for a snack daily and I put them on my greek yogurt. We also love, love, love pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds.


I don’t drink milk. Even though I enjoy other dairy products – I don’t drink milk and haven’t for a while now. I am trying really hard to eliminate dairy completely but…cheeeeeeseeeee and yogurt. I use almond milk for all of my shakes, baking and in my coffee.


For weeknight cooking – we have about 3 or 4 different fresh veggies stocked and ready to cook to pair with our proteins. Usually we will pick what we are in the mood for that week – lots of green beans, Brussel sprouts, broccolini and zucchini.


This is my go-to, number one love when it comes to getting my carbs in for the day. I eat A LOT of sweet potatoes. We like to roast a giant batch up on the weekend and eat them throughout the week. But – if I can’t find them – look out.


So – there are our ten things that you will see in our cart every single week. Of course we grab all kinds of other goodies and staples along the way and I can’t wait to share more of that (we will save that for another post) but these are definitely our go-tos and essentials when it comes to our weekly plan.

If you have any questions about my plan or clean eating – shoot me a message or email. I love to talk about the this stuff.