These last few 2 weeks have absolutely been dedicated to shifting things around and finding that new balance.

With the excitement of transition and all of the new things — I will fully admit there have been a LOT of things that I have put on the back burner. As each day that passed – I realized that photography was taking that back burner. Something I found so much joy in – so much inspiration in – so much everything in — just wasn’t the same for some reason. I could be burnt out or still feeling the effects of transitioning to new ventures – but it hit me hard this past week.

I just can’t give up.

The countless hours of research and shooting. The rejections upon rejections. The drama. The hurt feelings. The moments of wanting to sell all of my gear and never pick up a camera again. The moments of sheer joy and bliss. The “a-ha” moments. And mostly…the pictures. The thousands upon thousands of pictures.

I just can’t give up.

But do you know what?! None of that negative crap that I have experienced along the way matters. Not any of it. If I never shared a photo ever again – it wouldn’t matter. Do you know why?! Because this is my body of work. This is my heart. This is a piece of my world. An extension of me. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. It doesn’t matter if one person likes it or one thousand people like it. I recognized that it may have seemed like I was giving up on photography — but in all actuality — I am giving up on the chase, the want, the need for approval, the drama, the judgement and so on and so on.

Here is the thing – I know I am in a rut right now. I know that some days I am scrambling to pick up my camera and just snap something. I know the edits might not be spot on and that some of the photos are “less than.” But after years of chasing something that just wasn’t there – it is okay. In my heart, in the pit of my soul – I know I won’t look back at these photos and critique them for their faults – I know I will be thankful I took them in the first place.

I am not giving up – I am just redefining what I truly want and I have never felt better about it.

222/365 – You can feed me now. Thank you.

223/365 Waaaaahhhhh.

224/365 It was hot. So hot out. But he played the entire afternoon outside and drank 3 cups of water when we came in.

225/365 Organized chaos.

226/365 Office dweller.

227/365 Self portrait. Adam actually took this with the remote. I am printing it off…big.

228/365 Imperfect.

229/365 Peeking.

230/365 Beach day.

231/365 Buddies.

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To say that we have a lot going on feels like an understatement. Honestly – we always have a lot going on. But in the last few weeks – there have been some changes, shifts and regrouping around here and all for the good. To save this from becoming a 1500 word essay — I will give you the bullet version.


  • I announced that I am no longer taking clients. I am working hard to come up with a good plan for this space because 1. I love to blog. 2. I am NOT quitting photography ever and 3. I want my blog to be MY blog.
  • We decided to go “Kon Mari” on our house. We have been changing so many other things around our home and we realized we were just hanging on to stuff for the sake of hanging on to stuff. Plus – we want a home gym and that is extra motivating to get rid of all the extra junk we really just don’t need.
  • School started. We are so happy to be back at school and slowly getting back into our routine. It is definitely taking time.
  • I am slowly learning that being “busy” isn’t best. But with that comes readjusting and making sure I am staying organized. I am such a work in progress.
  • I haven’t pick up my camera as much as I have. I can see why. But with that has come a mini rut. I shot an entire day in the life and fell back into old patterns of being way too harsh on my own work. In the end – these photos are documented proof of our life just as it is. Comparison truly is a thief of joy.

Okay – on with the long and overdue update.


206/365 A new toy.

207/365 I love him. He supports me and all of my wild ideas and will talk me off the ledge every other day. Did I say I love him?

208/365 Some much needed relaxation before school starts.

209/365 Jet lag.

210/365 Snorkeling in Shark’s Cove. No sharks. Just lots of tourists floating on inter tubes. This was actually shot with my iPhone using the AxisGo housing for iPhone 7 plus.

211/365 Chores.

212/365 An afternoon unplugged.

213/365 After dinner treats.

214/365 A quick iPhone shot and one of our last pool days before school started.

215/365 Hanging out with my boys before shooting my last session. I love this spot and have shot a lot…a lot…a LOT here.

216/365 Crappy iPhone snap of the Jack Johnson concert. We got there kind of late and had to stand waaaaaaay in the back. It didn’t matter much. It was such a nice evening and we both agreed that he sounds amazing live.

217/365 Letting go of the excess.

218/365 Out in public

219/365 First day of school. This is the happiest 2nd grader in all the land.

220/365 Peak a boo.

221/365 We are already sick. 3 days in and he got the crud. Germs. I can’t.

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I will fully admit – over the last couple of weeks I have not looked at the calendar that much. Summer time gets me feeling all kinds of relaxed and most days I do a double take and can’t believe we are at the end of July. ALL of a sudden yesterday it HIT ME…Adam starts school in TWO WEEKS.

Where did all of that time go and why did it go by so fast?

But you know what? Summer vacation has been exactly what I envisioned. Time together with my favorite dude, some bored days, some super fun days, no schedules, lots of relaxing, no rules and just soaking it all up.

On a totally unrelated note — I am going to be doing some shifting here and there on my website and blog.   I posted today on IG that I want to be more transparent, more real and a little less worried about cultivating a perfect feed. Going with that — I absolutely overthink every.single.thing I post. I am working hard on NOT doing that — but I think if I take that pressure away of only posting very specific things and sharing ALL things I love that I will be drawn to blog even more. While this website was built on the premise of me being a professional photographer and serving the needs of families during sessions – I am absolutely feeling a massive shift in the direction of the blog and what I truly want to do with it. More fun, more day-to-day activities, recipes, ideas and thoughts — less structure, rules and rigid guidelines I have placed on myself and this space over the years. OKAY — before I totally hijack this update post with all of this — I will save the rest for an upcoming blog post.

Bottom line — I’m happy. Really happy.


Now on with the Project 365 update.


199/365 I yelled “WOW. That is the world’s biggest blueberry you are holding.” He wasn’t amused and proceeded to drop kick that ball down the hill and make me get it.

200/365 Lucy. My feet. This perspective. A weekly occurrence that is my favorite.

201/365 Who has seen those videos on how to start your own fruit? I can’t tell you how many pineapple crowns I stuck in water hoping and wishing little roots would grow. Each time I would fail miserably and have a smelly, moldy mess on my hands. This time IT WORKED. I was so excited to see the crown sprouting little roots. I stuck it in soil this past week and am hoping with every fiber of my being I keep it alive.

202/365 Hiding out painted rocks in the neighborhood so they “can have the best day ever and smile very big.”

203/365 Permanent spot for the past few days. He got a new game and I just can’t make him move from this spot. I tried and at the end of the day — whatever. It is the final few days of summer break and may have cracked a little in the screen time department.

204/365 POOL day.

205/365 Girl. I love those earrings. Where did you get them?

“You bring feeling to my life…you’re the inspiration.”

Is it stuck in your head now?! Well, now that it is. Let’s talk about…


When I first started taking photos and getting serious about being a photographer – I found inspiration in learning. The thing that fueled me to pick up my camera was the unknown and wanting to grow, learn and develop. Over the years – as my voice and heart grew (and I started calling myself an artist) my inspiration shifted.

I love hearing what inspires fellow artists and photographers. Not only do I feel more connected to their work and understand where/what/how they are trying to portray with it – but it also shows how they are thinking – a glimpse into how they are thinking and feeling.

For the sake of being transparent – I used to find so much inspiration in other’s work. I would see gorgeous photos and want to achieve the same result. I would pine after perfection in my photos and would beat myself up for not getting their quick enough. After a string of rejections, some serious soul searching and some internal reflection – I would love to share what inspires me today.


COLOR. Bright, vivid, beautiful colors.

There was a good period of time where I was really, really obsessed with black and white photos. Someone gave me “advice” a long time ago and said “Documentary work can only be in black and white” and I kind of believed them. But thankfully I quickly let that go. With a background in photojournalism and a desire to capture real life – I love capturing the bright and beautiful colors that surround me on this gorgeous tropical island. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel overwhelmed with the colors – so bright and vivid and I work really, really hard to capture them just as they are. Meaning – I don’t tweak these photos a lot and love me a clean, clear, bright, true edit.


MY SON…and his personality.

My hopes is that when Adam is much older – he can look back and see all of these photographs that I created of him in his childhood and remember it to the fullest. I have always called him my muse – and I have a feeling he always will be. When I first started taking photographs of Adam – he hated it. I know why… I would make him sit still, smile and do exactly as I said instead of just taking photos of HIM.  Documenting his sassy, funny and hilarious attitude and personality keeps me going daily. It isn’t just about me snapping photos of my kiddo – but it is about how I can accurately capture him…just being him and keeping these memories safe forever.


Real, Raw, Authentic — Our life. 

I have to say that finding my voice in capturing our everyday has taken me the longest to find. Truth be told – when I attempted my first project 365 – I looked at it as this project where I had to create a year’s worth of incredible photos. All portfolio worthy. All a certain way. I would overthink situations and stage scenarios — basically beat myself up daily searching for some “interesting shot.” In all reality — I was missing the point. The moment I stepped back, observed and just documented our life exactly as things were unfolding — was when I felt happy with the photos that I was creating. Heck – even in my Project 365 – a handful of them are iPhone photos – but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am consciously picking up my camera and am being driven by documenting what is going on around me — not stepping in. Not directing. Just documenting.


The In-Betweens. Details.


By nature, I am a very detailed oriented person. At times I make myself crazy – but I can notice the tiniest, littlest things. (Watching movies with me is interesting, just saying.) BUT – because of that – I find so much joy and inspiration in capturing the little, detailed moments. I think the in-betweens can tell just as much of a story as other images. I have to say – my detail shots are usually some of my favorite shots.


Lucy Lu. Old Lady Fart Fart. Crumb Snatcher. She is absolutely 100 percent a part of our daily life, our family and my bestest fur-end. There is no doubt that she serves as one of my inspirations. Over the years – I have loved capturing her and her sweet disposition. My hopes is that I capture her personality – because I sincerely feel like she has one.

Do you shoot daily?! Client work, personal or both? What inspires you to pick up your camera? What draws you to compose a shot? What calls you to get the capture?  I would love to hear!

Lately, I have been sharing lots more before and after’s -especially when it comes to underwater photography.

In the past – editing used to scare the crap out of me. Not only was it intimidating – but I still had so much to learn. (I had to teach myself everything.)  When I would come across a photo that would need a little extra TLC – if I couldn’t figure it out – I would either 1. make it black and white to hide the flaws (not kidding) or 2. delete it and move on feeling completely defeated.

Now – I have come to love the creative process and thought that goes into editing. When it comes to underwater photography – there was a steep learning curve – but it was a fun one. When you think about it – your background/environment is literally a different color. In the midst of all of that — you are trying to photograph your subjects in the middle of this blue world — just hoping to make sure skin tones and the water look somewhat real or true to life.  I really have come to love shooting in the pool –  I feel like you have a more controlled environment and the conditions seems to be pretty consistent. But the ocean…now that is a different ballgame. One that I am still very much getting used to and working hard at getting better at. Between clarity, wind, light, depth, rocks, coral, creatures, waves — there is so much to consider — on top of editing.

These are just a few of my most recent before and after’s.

SOOC — ISO 100 f/7.1 1/500 Shot with Nikon D810 20mm and housed with Aquatech

As far as composition – getting things exactly “perfect” in the water is a small feat. I knew as soon as I was editing that the chops/crop of the limbs were bothersome – but nonetheless – it was one of those images that I loved. Achieving an under/over shot with my flat port is a little tough and I was excited there wasn’t too much water on the front of it. (You can see how the water on the front of the lens can distort the trees and sky slightly.) For this images – I warmed it up, added some magenta. The clarity slider is my best friend in LR and helps me out a great deal – especially when I am shooting in the ocean.

SOOC – ISO 100 f/8.0 1/250 Shot with Nikon D810 20mm and housed with Aquatech

Although this wasn’t as dramatic as a before and after – this is by far one of my favorite underwater shots taken. This was very, very early in the morning and the water was calm, cool and crystal clear. I warmed it up and probably could have added a little more magenta – but when you have two environments – the sky and the ocean – in an under/shot it is a little trick to get tones just right. For once – I felt like I was really able to take a few moments and compose the shot. I loved how the fish were following my husband around while he floated. We are going back to this spot really soon and I can’t wait.

SOOC – ISO 100 f/7.1 1/400 Shot with Nikon D810 and housed with Aquatech

Thank goodness for shadow recovery, right? Aside from that – I loved how little Adam looked compared to the big, blue negative space below him. You can just see he was waiting and ready to jump in. Not that long ago – I truly struggled with removing objects from the frame. In my mind – I was documenting. I was capturing things just the way they were. When I worked as a photojournalist – we weren’t allowed to clone this or eliminate that.  But now – as an artist – I have really enjoyed learning what can enhance a photo and what is distracting. I remove a lot of teeny, tiny distracting elements from my photos because I truly want my subjects and the story that I am trying to tell you to be as clear as possible.



Here are a few more examples of eliminating distracting elements. Note — I don’t claim to be a whiz at cloning/editing out people. I think it is so, so hard. A total work in progress for sure.

SOOC — ISO 100 f/7.1 1/500 Shot with Nikon D810 20mm and housed with Aquatech

SOOC — ISO 100 f/7.1 1/500 Shot with Nikon D810 20mm and housed with Aquatech


Are you shooting underwater too?! I would love to hear how editing is going for you. Do you need help, tips or ideas? There is a wealth of knowledge and some incredible FB groups out there for support. These are two that I love — Underwater Kids and Lights Camera Splash!!!

Also – contact me anytime for help or questions!

After returning back from our trip to the mainland – it seemed like we jumped right back into our summer routine. If it involves water our being outside – that is where we are. We are soaking up these last few weeks of summer as much as we can – because it is hard to believe Adam will be back to school soon. I am partly bummed that our lazy, relaxed routines will be going by the wayside – but I am also excited about it. He misses his friends so much and I know how much he loves school. We have so many fun things to look forward to in the coming weeks (soccer, a concert I can’t wait to go to and lots more beach days.)

191/365 After being so busy after the weekend – we really didn’t feel like going anywhere at all. Inflatable pool for the win.

192/365 Over the past few weeks – he is now asking to go to the pool. Daily. Before he really didn’t care either way – but now he asks. A lot. And I love it. He is such a water bug.

193/365 Pretty new collar for my sweet Lucy Lu.

194/365 We spent the entire afternoon painting rocks and talking about where we would hide them. This is seriously such a fun activity and we still have a ton left we need to finish and hide.

195/365 I know I have about a million pictures of her in this exact same spot – but I can’t help it when she stands there so pretty in this light.

196/365 YASSS for the weekend.

197/365 This pool float. We both thought it was flipping hilarious. I spent 20 minutes blowing it up. Adam couldn’t wait to play with it. Then some actual “turds” in the pool made fun of him. Thankfully they left and we had the most fun time playing with this floatie. 

198/365 In case you were wondering – I have been getting well versed in all things Pokemon. Also – I have extensive knowledge of Minecraft, Splatoon and MarioKart. He is a good professor.

If I have said it once…I have said it a million times…


And for us, the highlight of our summer is to spend a little time off island with our family.

Someone messaged me and said how they thought it was funny how we seek refuge off island and they come to Hawaii to relax. I think when we get caught up in our daily routines, schedules and work – it doesn’t matter where you live – a break is a break is a break. Sure — we live where so many come to vacation — but it is just that. We live here. Our home is here. Our vacations off island not only help me gain perspective in so many areas – but also helps me appreciate where we live and why we love Hawaii as much as we do. But it also reminds me of just how far away and remote our life is and the distance that separates us from our family. Safe to say – these past few weeks with our loved ones were beyond memorable. They were priceless. And we will cherish these moments and memories forever. It really was a blast and a wonderful vacation. (Mom and Dad, we can’t thank you enough.)

173/365 — Flying direct from Hawaii to DC is long. This trooper stays up the entire time. He can’t wrap his head around time zones and time changes. As soon as we get to grammie and papa’s house – naps for all.

174/365 Still adjusting to the time change. Nothing a snack on the porch (not called a lanai here) won’t fix.

175/365 My dad built this awesome fire pit and we couldn’t wait to sit around it and relax. There is no sweeter smell than firewood and roasted marshmallows.

176/365 The farmer’s market with a helper who decided to entertain the local folks. We bought our weight in fruit and I ate the most delicious homegrown peaches I have ever tasted in my entire life.

177/365 A little unplugging on the porch.

178/365 We managed to catch a couple of fireflies this year. We could see them – but for some reason didn’t catch as many this year. Still, I am so happy that we were able to check this summertime favorite off the list.

179/365 When you live on an island – there just isn’t room for massive amusement parks. We were amazed and overwhelmed at King’s Dominion and had the best day ever swimming and riding rides. A quick iPhone shot because I decided to leave my big camera at home. Besides, I was too busy being hurled down waterslides and laughing until my stomach hurt. Also, Adam won an emoji poop hat that will go down in history.

180/365 Backyard fun with Papa’s sprinkler.

181/365 A quiet moment in between fun, sun and outdoor play.

182/365 Keeping our floatie game strong. Actually, grammie found this one and it was perfect.

183/365 I waited months and months to see this little person. My sweet nephew is growing like a weed and we got to spend some serious time together over the holiday weekend.  I was in auntie heaven. During our time and moments together – I really felt the distance and how fast time passes way too fast. The last time I had seen him – he was just a month old and so, so little.

184/365 Time with Uncle Jer. Words can’t express how happy and sweet these moments were together.

185/365 Cousins. I can’t wait to see the bond and friendship grow between these two over the years. Adam is my only and will always be my only — but it was so sweet and special to see him interact with his cousin especially since he hasn’t been around that many babies at all. I quickly realized how big my kiddo is.

186/365 Eucre. We are from Michigan and this game is the game of all games. We HAVE to play it whenever we are all together. The competition is fierce and bragging rights must be earned.

187/365 Peaking in.

188/365 Home. After such a long flight and day – it will make you literally bounce off the walls.

189/365 Waterballoon fight. Sort of.

190/365 Our spot at our favorite sandwich spot.



Three years ago – I wrote an article for the Digital Photography School about filtering advice from other photographers.  Looking back – I don’t think I was the most qualified candidate to be talking about certain things – I mean – I was incredibly green at the time and very, very, veryyyyyyy new to the world of photography. For example – I had only been at it for a year or so, barely had my business up and running, shot a handful of clients and still had so much to learn. (Ahem. I still have a lot to learn.)  But my passion for writing and photography go hand in hand – and I was so excited to have a platform to speak about some of the things that I was experiencing. So I wrote —



During my time of transition from photojournalist to professional photographer – I had a million questions. Seriously – a million questions. Everything from technical to business and the in-between. But – I truly didn’t know who to ask, what to ask, how to ask and what advice to take or leave.

I stumbled upon the article I wrote the other day as I was looking through some old files and I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the tips and to give them all a new take.

So – whether you have been shooting for 6 months or 6 years – my hope is that these tips will help you when you are seeking the advice from others. Because over the past few years – as I continue to grow and learn as a photographer – these are the things that have helped me navigate through a world of abundant information, ebooks, online courses and so many willing to help and offer advice.

Consider the source.

Three years ago I wrote in the article about taking time to look up others backgrounds, credentials and experience. I compared it to a job interview. Well — over the years – I didn’t always take my own advice. Have you ever purchased learning materials, books or other things online – because – WOW. They look amazing. Everyone is saying AMAZING things about them…they MUST be amazing and so on. Granted, I have purchased some stellar products and have taken some incredible courses over the years- but I have also been really let down. In those moments where I was feeling let down and underwhelmed, it was because I didn’t do the research. If it sounds so, so, SO amazing and perfect and incredible and pretty and gorgeous and “TO GOOD TO BE TRUE” it most likely is. Things are more accessible than ever – classes and ebooks are at our finger tips – when it comes to investing in your photography education – take the time and DO the research, ask a trusted friend for recommendations or contact the teacher/mentor themselves. How long have they been shooting, how long have they been teaching, what are the reviews on said course or products, what platform are they teaching on and so on and so forth.


Listen closely, be respectful but don’t take any of it personal.

There was a time a period of time where I worried so hard and so long about what others thought about me. It hurt me to the core when others didn’t like my work and I would take things way, way too personally when it came to my work and especially photos that I had fallen in love with.

Am I allowed to love my photos? YES.

Were they good? That is debatable. I am sure they were good to my standards and with my mom goggles on – but I needed improvement.

Should I have taken the comments personally and to the grave? Nope.

If you are going to take the time to go to someone, ask for their help and are looking for honest and heartfelt opinions about your work – be prepared to hear things that you might not be expecting to hear. Not only are they going to see things about your work that you won’t – but there is opportunity to learn, grow and improve – just don’t take it personally.

Some of the best advice I have received from others – I didn’t completely agree with. Is that wrong? NO. I was able to take what I needed from what they were expressing to me and apply it to my shooting, style and voice.

Turn off the noise.

I give this tip a lot. It can be used in all kinds of contexts and scenarios and is definitely helpful when filtering advice from others. I will ping-pong this off the first tip – when you are considering the source and looking to gain and garner advice from others — be selective. Information overload can be overwhelming, cause thoughts of doubt and can overall be confusing. For example – have you ever asked for advice in a group setting and got thirty different answers? Who do you listen to? What do you take from that? I say confide in two or three very, very trusted friends when running ideas or thoughts by them, especially when you are looking for honest and heartfelt advice or thoughts on something really important to you.  While I am a huge fan of groups and love them for all kinds of various reasons – group settings don’t always garner the best constructive criticisms.


I sincerely think there is no say all, be all, do all answer when it comes to photography. If you haven’t noticed – we all have our own take, spin and ideas when it comes to our own artwork. We all have different gear, different editing techniques and thoughts. In such a diverse industry filled with incredible talent – there is so much room for connection, learning and growth. Just know that there are so many photographers who are willing to help others — and are darn good at it. Personally, I feel that if we are seeking advice we need to be just as prepared, ready to do the research and to take the time to seek these incredible individuals out. Here is a quick list of  just some of the resources that I have used over the years and completely and totally trust —


Clickin’ Moms.  From the forum to the ebooks to the workshops. I am a ClickPro at this organization and know there are some incredibly talented ladies who work tirelessly to offer some amazing educational products. If you aren’t a part of the forum – I encourage you to join. There is a wealth of knowledge there.

Dana Pugh’s Online Pricing Course This course came to me at a time when I truly needed it. Dana is heartfelt, honest and relatable. She is passionate, caring and helpful. I could go on and on about how much I loved this course. I highly recommend this course if you are in business and really want to be honest with yourself, the numbers and to set some serious goals. Best part – full access to a wonderful alumni group online that is priceless.

Introspection and Analysis with The Rusty Lens After being denied from a pro program twice – I needed something. Anything. I needed help. Serious help. And this workshop was just that. I was able to take a serious look at my work, set goals and look at trends, how to better asses where I was going and what I needed and so on and on. This course was cram packed with so much info that I left feeling like a brand new photographer ready to take pictures of the entire world. Courtney is dedicated, thorough and freaking smart. She mentors and has an amazing take on everything. She is one person whose opinion I truly trust – especially when it comes to photos.

Xanthe Berkeley Make Films Course This course was FUN. When it comes to what we are doing – we need to be having fun while we are learning. Xanthe makes that possible. She is a true inspiration and her style of teaching will make you want to pick up your camera and keep going. She is heartfelt, sweet and kind and I would take the course again and again.


I have a list a mile long of books I have read as well as other ebooks that I love — too many to name. I think you catch my drift. As always – if you have any questions ever or need anything – shoot me a message. 

It seems like we have been counting down until summer break for a long time. I am so glad it is finally here. We have forgone so much of our daily routine and have really just enjoyed all of the free time.

Even though we threw our schedule out the window – we still had so much going on – Adam started karate and swim lessons, my husband was traveling for work and I started an incredible new program and journey and have never felt better. (See day 160 for a full explanation.)

I posted on my personal Facebook page that I didn’t want to overshare and seem “spammy” when it comes to this topic — but you know what — FORGET THAT.

A huge part of my blogging and my photography is the truth behind it. I really truly try to share a little piece our day and lives just as it is.

I have read articles, posts and other findings that others feel annoyed and bothered when people talk about themselves – especially concerning working out and their health.   That kind of bums me out, really. I don’t get annoyed and find joy in connecting with others. I hope you don’t get annoyed either – and if you do. Sorry.

On with our week…

156/365 Adam got to try out my old crop frame and he has now claimed it as his own. It was such a treat watching him take photos and want to learn more about photography. We are going to pull up his artwork and I may have to show him a few things about editing.

157/365 Housing in the blow-up pool. No big deal and actually a lot of fun.

158/365 The most awesome day at the beach with my sandcrab. We got so flipping sunburnt, but it was totally worth it.

159/365 Hey Lucy. Ready for your walk?

160/365 I have been following a steady workout program for the past couple of months and really, really wanted to take it to the next level. I knew in my heart what I needed to do and was finally ready to get rid of all processed junk and sugar and eat clean. Initially – I was scared and slightly nervous about starting a program like this. In my mind – I was “healthy.” We didn’t eat fast food, stayed away from junk and worked out. As I started the first few days of the program – I knew right away that this was an amazing decision and by the way I felt (super crappy from a detox) that I wasn’t as healthy as I thought I was. I can’t begin to explain the emotions that accompany the decisions and hard work. Even though this is still fresh and new – I am excited to see how the next few weeks go.

161/365 We are such a fan of this slide pool combo deal. I have to get one every summer. Mostly because we pop the darn thing…every…summer. And Adam totally popped this right after I snapped this photo.

162/365 Current things I love so very much. This corner of my office. Gold anything. Monstera leaves. Birkenstocks. And my 20 mm so I can shoot this perspective. I think it might be the only lens I bring with me on our upcoming trip.

+ explore