ALOHA I'm Allison

Hi. I'm Allison. Wife, mom and professional photographer. I am inspired by bright colors, real moments, clean edits and all things pineapples. I find joy in documenting the everyday, don't think rules have a place in photography and am currently an artist at Offset - A division of Shutterstock.

My Faves

+  the ocean

+ family time

+ pineapples

Allison – The Professional Photographer

After working as a photojournalist - Allison created, started and began Allison Gipson Photography and has been a professional photographer for the past four years.  During her time at the newspaper - she honed her craft and learned the value of capturing real authentic moments and the everyday.  Today, she has been featured in a number of the industries blogs, magazines and websites. She is a ClickPro with Clickin' Moms, an Offset contributor and has worked and mentored with dozens of photographers. 

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