P365 – The project trudges on

I am hanging on. I am hanging in there. I am not giving in. I will not give up.

My project 365.

I know it sounds dramatic – but with so many other changes these past few months – this is one thing that I really am wanting to hold fast and dear to.

I have to be honest – most days involve me picking up my camera for a micro second and snapping 2-4 frames. BUT – at least I did it right?! I have plans this month to blow off the funk and gunk that is my rut – but I am honestly not putting any pressure on myself — at all.


232/365 Photo 19305590375 of Lucy.

233/365 Sunshowers and my flowers.

234/365 We were able to sneak off to the pool mid-week and it felt so good to be able to get in the water with my camera for a little bit.

235/365 Little bits and pieces of my heart.

236/365 Level 100 all the time. Yup.

237/365 My helper at Whole Foods.

238/365 How I feel about pizza as well.

239/365 We have had an influx of geckos lately. I tried to save this one from my mudroom sink and I was too late. Poor little gecko baby.

240/365 Photo 35906729674 of Lucy.

241/365 Weeknight. And I’m sorry, it’s always a hot mess.

242/365 Adam.